15 Feb

In the world of purchasing cars, especially Japanese automobiles in Cyprus, the pandemic has brought significant changes. If you're considering buying a car in Cyprus and have an interest in Japanese vehicles, understanding how these changes have impacted the process is crucial.

Before the pandemic, Japanese auctions were physical gatherings where assessors and professional buyers meticulously examined each car before bidding. This instilled a high level of trust in auction listings and appraisers. However, with the shift to online platforms due to the pandemic, the game has changed.
Today, the majority of auctions are conducted online, leading to the emergence of many new players in the field. The reputations of these new auctions are yet to be established, casting doubts on the professionalism and reliability of their assessors. Additionally, some auctions allow sellers to appraise their vehicles, introducing additional risks for buyers.
While Japanese society is generally known for its integrity, it's essential to acknowledge the presence of various nationalities in Japan, adding uncertainties to the purchasing process. In this new reality, it's crucial to turn to professionals with impeccable reputations who understand all the intricacies and nuances of Japanese auctions.

Japanese auctin, inside

At "CyprusAutoService," we've adapted to this new format entirely. We have our staff in Japan who personally inspect every car, regardless of the auction it comes from. This eliminates the human factor and ensures the highest standards of quality and reliability for our clients.
In conclusion, purchasing a car from Japan can still be a lucrative and enjoyable deal if you turn to professionals with an impeccable reputation who are well-versed in all the nuances of Japanese auctions. Our platform, connected to Japanese auctions, allows our clients to choose their dream cars after consulting with our managers. Reliability and quality are guaranteed.
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