06 Aug

Japan-made cars have gained notable traction among Cypriots, given their exceptional quality and the enticing prospect of acquiring them via auctions in Japan. This venture strikes a chord with the thrill-seekers and appeals even more to those who relish the chance of securing a rewarding deal.

 Unlike a casino, a Japanese car auction leaves you at no loss; a missed opportunity simply paves the way for another one.Japanese car auctions, however, operate quite differently from the conventional auctions you might be familiar with. Individual participants are barred from these auctions; access is granted exclusively to Japanese and licensed dealers. This unique setup has led to the emergence of a vast array of 'assistants' who capitalize on the buyers' aspiration to secure the Japanese jackpot.These 'assistants', promising the moon, offer no guarantees. No matter where you are in the world, it is disheartening to send funds and receive no car in return, and often there is little recourse. So, what's the remedy? The key is to engage a trusted provider, one who accepts not just your funds, but also assumes accountability for them.If your goal is to import a Japanese car to Cyprus, CyprusAutoService offers you numerous compelling reasons:

  1. We stand by our commitments, ensuring the promises we make are the ones we keep.
  2. Beyond merely managing your end-to-end car importation from Japan, we accept local responsibility in Cyprus, inclusive of financial obligations.
  3. Our team provides clear guidance on prices to prevent unforeseen expenses tied to customs clearance.
  4. We deliver precisely what you need, complete with a two-year warranty for your vehicle.
  5. Our expertise goes beyond car imports; we also extend subsequent maintenance services.

So why can CyprusAutoService confidently offer these guarantees? It's simple - we are an integral part of a Japanese corporation specializing in car imports to Cyprus. We are committed to providing only the best, vouched by our direct oversight, inspection, and recommendations. Our staff members validate auction sheets' authenticity and supplement their findings with photo and video reports of your car.CyprusAutoService sets itself apart from the competition, underlining our promise with guarantees. We take responsibility for your funds and your aspirations, and to top it all, we even offer financing! So go ahead, elevate your dreams and enlist with CyprusAutoService. Transform your automotive dreams into our dedicated responsibility. 

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