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Purchasing a Car from a Japanese Auction in Cyprus has previously been a straightforward and reliable method of acquiring a quality vehicle. However, recent years have brought about changes in this landscape. Japanese auctions have become more diverse, and evaluating cars now requires a more meticulous approach. In this article, we will examine the key changes that buyers have encountered and why we recommend turning to professionals, such as CyprusAutoService. 

Changes on Japanese Auctions

1. Auction Diversity: In recent years, the number of Japanese auctions has grown to 150 per week. Many of them are located in remote areas, where the professionalism of assessors may raise doubts. This means that auction listings cannot be entirely trusted.
2. Rental Cars: Auctions often feature vehicles that were previously used as rental cars. The assessment of such cars can be approximate, which may impact the quality of the purchased vehicle.
3. Online Auctions: At some auctions, the seller sets the assessment of the vehicle themselves. This leaves much to the seller's discretion and makes buying at such auctions risky.
4. Staff Training: Auction houses frequently hire new staff, and the process of their training may take some time. This can affect the quality of vehicle assessments.

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Changes in Transportation and Insurance

1. Price Increases: Due to the military operation against the Houthis in the Red Sea, the prices for the transportation and insurance of vehicles have significantly risen. Delivery times now range up to two months.
2. Force Majeure and Insurance: Not all events, such as a military operation, are covered by insurance policies. Buyers should pay closer attention to the insurance terms and conditions.
3. Insurance Company Priorities: Insurance companies always prioritize their regular clients and corporate dealers when it comes to insurance payouts.

Earthquake and Risks:

In January 2024, Japan experienced its strongest earthquake with a tsunami. This event may lead to the appearance of vehicles with an unknown history on the market, making vehicle inspection and selecting the right car even more crucial.

Why Turn to CyprusAutoService

CyprusAutoService offers professional services for selecting and purchasing vehicles from Japanese auctions. Our staff is present at auctions, verifies auction listings, and provides live photos of the vehicles. We guarantee the safety and quality of the vehicles and offer a comprehensive package of services with a warranty. We have experience and a reputation that stands the test of time.In Conclusion:Buying a car from a Japanese auction in Cyprus has become a more challenging task due to changes at the auctions and risks associated with transportation and insurance. To avoid unpleasant surprises and acquire a quality vehicle, we recommend turning to professional local dealers like CyprusAutoService. Our experience and customer care will help you make the right choice and save time and money. Don't take risks; trust the professionals!

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