22 Jun

We continuously write original articles for car enthusiasts and buyers in search of quality cars. Unfortunately, the Cypriot market is currently flooded with offers that seem attractive at first glance. For our subscribers, we've prepared a list of professional tips. A car is a significant and responsible purchase made once every few years. We want you to make the right choice, especially in the age of artificial intelligence and marketing bots, where it is easy to fall prey to scammers. Today's article focuses on sellers of non-existent cars. As soon as you search for a car, bots will flood you with offers, many with enticing prices. Here are tips on what to pay attention to so you don't get caught by scammers. 

Tips for Buying a Car from Japan 

  1. Read Reviews but Be Careful
    Large companies are not always a sign of quality. Reviews can be fake, both positive and negative. Learn to recognize genuine reviews. A great resource is Trustpilot, where reviews require proof that you were a customer of the company before being published.
  2. Be Cautious with Large Corporations
    Large companies have thousands of employees, and you don't know which seller you'll get. Often, commissions are the only way for a seller to earn, and they may not care what kind of car they sell you since as an individual, you'll likely use their services only once.
  3. Double-Check Bank Details Carefully
    When transferring funds, double-check the bank details multiple times. Never send money if the seller hasn't provided the chassis number of the ordered car. Without the chassis number, the car can be swapped for junk, and it will be very difficult to make a claim.
  4. Check the Car's History by the Chassis Number
    Use websites like this to check the car's history. For Cyprus Auto Service clients, this check can be done for free.
  5. Be Wary of "By Order" Offers
    If you see offers marked "by order" with auction photos on local marketplaces, it's likely a bait. You can't pre-win an auction, and the seller may promise something only approximately similar.
  6. Request Auction Sheets but Verify Their Authenticity
    Auction sheets can be easily faked, so always request the chassis number and verify it here. For an additional fee, you can request auction sheet verification from the Japanese government association Jumea (cost 100 euros).
  7. Clarify If All Taxes Are Included in the Car Price
    Almost 40% of the CIF price (cost with delivery to Cyprus) are associated costs. Check if VAT (19%) is included in the price or if it needs to be paid separately.
  8. Who Bears the Risk of Transportation?
    Always find out who bears the risk of transportation. We wrote about this in detail in our previous articles.


All the above is just a small part of all the nuances. To learn more details, subscribe to our Telegram channel or our Cyprus Auto Service blog newsletter. Remember, don't look for those who do it cheaper; look for those who do it with heart. True professionals are always recognizable, and their expertise is worth paying for.

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