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Japanese car auctions, once heralded for their transparency and reliability, now present a maze of uncertainty. Auction sheets, once trusted guides to quality vehicles, have become murky waters in the sea of automotive trade.Why the shift? Several factors contribute:

  1. Questionable Ratings: The standardized grading system is now subject to interpretation. A grade "4" could mean anything from "excellent" to "acceptable with some attention."
  2. Rise of "Contractual" Auctions: Prices at such auctions are often artificially deflated, and item descriptions may not reflect reality.
  3. Proliferation of "Junk" Auctions: These auctions feature cars that are salvaged, damaged, or non-functional. Auction sheets for such lots may conceal the true condition of the vehicles.
  4. Dominance of Unscrupulous Actors: Over 90% of the Japanese car market is controlled by dubious players, undermining transaction transparency and trust.

How to protect yourself in this environment? Cyprusautoservice offers a comprehensive solution:

  • Thorough Inspection: Our experts conduct meticulous analyses of each vehicle.
  • Auction Sheet X-Ray: We employ specialized tools to detect counterfeit auction sheets.
  • Access to Sales Statistics: We have access to extensive sales data for vehicles in Japan.
  • Experience and Intuition: We distinguish between "junk" and "contractual" auctions to guide your decision-making.
  • History Check: We scrutinize the history of each vehicle through Japanese insurance companies.
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Don't gamble with your finances! Turn to Cyprusautoservice – we ensure your next vehicle purchase is reliable and high-quality!

P.S. Auction sheets are reminiscent of VHS tapes – relics of the past, their relevance now questionable.

P.P.S. Don't trust those who promise miracles on Japanese car auctions

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